Consumer Edition | Volume V | Editor's-Note


The 2015 Consumer Superbrands book is exceptional: it features 31 brands that are appearing in its pages for the first time.

While each operates in a different category two things are consistent with all of them. Without exception, they all rely greatly on new media vehicles such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn and on terms such as trending, blogs and hashtags. None of these were part of the lexicon till the very recent past but each, today, plays a vital role in getting entire communities to comment and talk about brands. It's the quickest way to reach millions of people. New-age media is, clearly, the new language of communications and no campaign can be rolled out without it playing a significant role.
The second common thread that runs through them is their intense desire to contribute to the social development of communities that live in and around their plants. Companies in the service industry who have no factories actively engage in community service. Their staff is encouraged to periodically use weekends to set up blood donation camps, initiate cleanliness drives and reach out to women with vocational training programmes.
The Superbrands book is an exceptional treatise on India's most extraordinary brands. The book explores the histories and achievements of these outstanding icons against the backdrop of the environment they operate in. This allows readers to better appreciate their triumphs. The stories form a complex network of strategies, each of which was designed to shun average thinking and, through this, help them reach the top of their categories.

The Superbrands book opens with authoritative comments from the members of the Superbrands Council, comprising the country's most significant brand management and marketing experts.







An insight into some of INDIA's strongest consumer brands

Since its founding in 1963, Anchor has made India’s first serious attempt to develop an organised market for top-quality plugs, switches, sockets and accessories. Today, more than 50 years later, with the support of its parent, Panasonic Corporation of Japan – the brand continues to surge forward with an unmatched range of offerings. It straddles every price point, […]

Bharat Potteries is, without ambiguity, India’s largest manufacturer of bone china tableware. Its three plants located in Rajasthan turn out more than 70 million pieces of exquisite pottery each year, shipping it to some of the most respected addresses in the country. The company’s half-a-million square feet of manufacturing facilities include an excellent in-house design studio, transfer decal […]

For centuries in the modern era Ayurveda lay quiescent; its powers and secrets known to only a few. But with growing imbalances in the elements of nature an increasing number of people are turning to Ayurveda to seek answers. In this melee Baidyanath Chyawanprash is a powerful beacon. Its formula fortified with over 52 herbs, plant extracts, […]

Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank in India offering an entire suite of financial services across retail customers, large- and mid-corporates, micro-, small- and medium-enterprises and the rural and agriculture sectors. In 21 years since inception, the Bank has opened 2589 branches including extension counters – or simply, one every three days, across its brief […]

The Indian health care industry is currently estimated to be of the order of about C195,000 crore and expected to touch C650,000 crore by 2025. With 8617 beds across 64 hospitals, Apollo Hospitals is one of the largest hospital chains in Asia. Collectively, the hospitals conducted more than 250,000 preventive checks, 10,000 heart surgeries, 5000 plus joint replacements, […]

ACC was born when ten cement companies came together for a historic merger in 1936. Today, it stands tall as the country’s most influential cement brand. For 79 years, ACC has been the official supplier of cement to some of the country’s most iconic structures and development projects. Its back-end support is a formidable network of factories, ready-mix […]

Lubricants oil the wheels of industry. Pre-liberalisation, even when the Indian lubricants industry was completely controlled by public sector undertakings and Castrol had just a 6% share of the market, it was still perceived to be the brand leader. Today, in India’s 2.10 million-tonnes-per-year oils and lubricants market (Source: IHS Energy Report, 2014) – now the third largest […]

The advent of in the year 2000 simplified the investing process involved in India. Investors were no longer inhibited by time and place as they gained complete control over their investments. Today, ICICIdirect serves over 3.50 million customers through its website. There is also a huge on-ground distribution network that supports this edifice. It comprises 179 ICICIdirect […]

Backed by a 150-year-old legacy and a bank of knowledge, perhaps, unmatched in the construction business in India, Shapoorji Pallonji is leading India’s charge in the 21st century. The company’s accomplishments include some of the country’s most challenging and prestigious projects – a tunnel at Rohtang pass 13,000 feet above sea level, a 4.60 kilometre long rail bridge […]

Beyond functional architecture of yesteryears people are now seeking aesthetics and contemporariness in their homes. The task for white cement companies is, therefore, quite clearly cut out: they need to explore a new and different set of applications in the architectural space. And they need to develop surface finishing materials that will fulfil the wants of this populace. […]

India suffers acutely from a single, disturbing malady: self-medication. Dangerous at times and contraindicated almost always, it is the first point in combating an illness. In this atmosphere of irregularity, Volini brings an extraordinary calm. Trusted by people and recommended by doctors, it is the first port of call for most people afflicted by localised pain. Indeed, since […]

As the world flirts with danger and the consequences of environmental degradation, many socially conscious people are turning to Green. Eco-friendliness and sustainability are the mantras that are driving manufacturers to look for innovative ways to make their products appeal to a generation of aware consumers. In the construction segment the concept of sustainable buildings has taken root, […]

It’s an extraordinary achievement to serve 1.80 million clients each day and count some 88.70 million as registered customers. To provide more awe to these amazing numbers is the fact that another around 8 million are being added each year. This is Indane territory; it’s the place where it commands a market share of nearly 50%. This […]

Blue Dart, South Asia’s premier express air and integrated transportation and distribution company accesses the largest and most comprehensive express and logistics network worldwide, covering over 34,257 locations and more than 220 countries. It offers an entire spectrum of distribution services including air express, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions and customs clearance. The Blue Dart team drives market […]

Wills Lifestyle is a premium wardrobe brand with a high style quotient. Under its umbrella is fashion for both men and women with clothes that exude sophistication and elegance. Collections are contemporary chic and in sync with the trend capitals of the world, catering to the fashion-conscious Indian with a range of western wear, an outstanding collection […]

For centuries spices have flavoured the world’s most romantic recipes embellishing them with colour, fragrance and taste. Though wars are no longer fought over them, many of the blends are family secrets guarded zealously by men and women of the house. Everest has worked around these impediments and recreated their magic in a range of 44 outstanding blends […]

JK Tyre pioneered radial technology in India way back in 1977 and today, almost four decades later, is one of India’s leading tyre companies, manufacturing a range of tyres that cater to diverse business segments. With a growing presence in 100 countries, JK Tyre continues to be one of the largest tyre exporters from India. JK Tyre […]

Tata Shaktee is the brand that changed the face of the corrugated sheet category in India. Today, it is the undisputed market leader and owes as much of its success to innovative products and services as it does to continuous nurturing of the marketing channel and pertinent communications. The country’s first GC sheet brand, not surprisingly, has […]

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is a symbol of faith and trust. It is the custodian of the hopes of millions of Indians. Now in its 60th year of operations, LIC continues to serve the nation and its people with commitment, demonstrating at every step the very purpose and essence of its establishment. This nimble-footed behemoth […]

Launched in 2006, Tata Sky has grown to encompass a staggering audience base of nearly 14.50 million connections in close to 50,000 towns across India. Having captured a dominant market share in the HD category, Tata Sky pioneered the HD box segment, and launched a series of initiatives as well that firmly established it as the #1 […]

Almost too quietly, to be even noticed India has evolved into the third largest tile market in the world. This drive was accomplished by macroeconomics and seriously influential companies such as Kajaria. Indeed, from an unpretentious beginning when it started 27 years ago, Kajaria has grown rapidly and now, straddles the Indian tile firmament like a colossus. Its […]

For millennia people have believed that the element that gives a structure its strength is cement. This is partly true. The greater part of the answer is rebars – the twisted lengths of metal that stick out from rising buildings. In this near-19-million tonne market, India’s best-known rebar brand is TATA Tiscon. The rebar brand from Tata […]

Supported by the country’s highest timber peeling capacity, six manufacturing plants in India and one each in Myanmar and Laos, a network of dealers that penetrates deep into India’s hinterland and a strategy designed to propel it to a C6200 crore company in the next five years, Century Plyboards is a shining example of what good quality […]

It’s not easy being a 64-year-old company in modern India. But such has been the craft of Parryware that it has reinvented itself, re-energised its product lines and continued to dominate the bathroom fittings space in India. Along this journey, this exceptional company has to its credit several path-breaking initiatives: touch-free bathroom products, anti-microbial seat covers, waterless urinals, […]

Steered by an unambiguous vision for the future and buoyed by several sector-favourable initiatives announced by the new government, KEI has stepped on the gas. It has added new lines of business, introduced new technologies and strengthened its production and delivery systems. Today, this very capable company is amongst the few in the country that has the expertise […]

Credible, result-oriented, provocative, incisive, challenging, stimulating, persistent, relentless, dynamic and passionate are some of the many adjectives that can be used to best describe TIMES NOW. Launched in 2006, it took this fearless channel less than two years to demolish the hegemony of established players and, with its tenacious reportage, to stamp its authority over the English News […]

Despite power still being a deficient commodity, the strides this sector has taken and the enormous responsibility it has shouldered of playing catch-up with rapidly escalating demand has been very impressive. It is on the back of this deficiency that the parallel power generation regime of diesel-powered generator sets has evolved. Today, this is a well-organised industry bristling […]

Godrej is one of the largest players in the home appliances segment in India. But it is not size that has distinguished it from competitors but its transparency, integrity and the socially alive urge to help in the Greening of the planet. This pursuit has driven it to deliver some of the Greenest and most environment-friendly products […]

Jog the memory of parents of any age today and most will remember the kitchens of their childhood: smoky, drab, dull rooms. It’s no coincidence that this was before Tupperware came along and brought colour, style, range, functionality and modernity to this once-neglected part of the house. Tupperware’s classy range of 100% food-grade plastic containers and plastic and […]

The Indian home furniture industry, pegged by recognised pundits in the business at about C100,000 crore, is divided between simplistic users, experimental users and evolved users. Each is a divergent body of people with different demands and vastly different lifestyles – even different criteria of what constitutes acceptable quality. It is also an industry where more than 90% […]

Growing at between 10% and 12% per annum, the organised kitchen appliances industry is keeping pace with shifting buying habits and slowly pressurising the unorganised sector to relinquish its hold. Today, the organised sector – led by Prestige – controls nearly 69% of the pressure cooker market and 72% of the non-stick cookware category. Driving this is the […]

UltraTech promotes the theory of building beyond strength and durability, creating beyond imagination and designing beyond style. This philosophy is reflected in its current campaign Build Beautiful. It envelopes the notion that when an engineer builds, he builds to last and that every building is his style statement and every structure an everlasting testament to his expertise. With […]

Until 1999, the Indian business community did not have a dedicated television channel. The pioneering launch of CNBC-TV18 addressed this concern helping them evolve into a global force. Today, in countless offices and homes, CNBC-TV18 is the channel of choice, beaming in relevant financial information, empowering investment decisions and enabling economic destinies. With the best faces in business […]

With a holding of nearly 157 million hectares of cultivable land, India is the second largest agricultural land holder in the world; over 58% of the country’s population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Straddling this landscape is the Farm Equipment Sector of Mahindra & Mahindra Limited. This sector, part of the C110,000 crore Mahindra Group, has eight […]

In the early 1990s, the food category formed a miniscule part of Hindustan Lever’s overall product portfolio. The acquisition of Kissan in 1994 changed the company’s perspective and it launched into developing this category. Kissan is now a powerful brand, comprising a large product mix that includes a vast variety of jams, sauces and squashes. An in-depth consumer […]

In a country where life expectancy is about 67 years (Source: United Nations Development Programme), communicable diseases rampant and cost of medical treatment spiralling, one would have imagined that Indians would be one of the most heavily insured people in the world. The truth is that less than 5% of the population is covered by health insurance. […]

A tie-up with the world’s largest battery manufacturer, a fully integrated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, innovations that have brought new technology to India, service centres that have set standards of exuberance and joy, a network that permeates down to towns barely visible on the Indian map, suppliers to some of the country’s most respected original equipment manufacturers, operations in […]

Sitting on a 56% market share in the automatic scooters segment and a 24% market share across all two-wheeler categories, Honda has achieved in India what few companies with much longer histories have managed. It has set new benchmarks for quality, introduced cutting-edge technologies, pioneered the concept of safe riding education and fashioned outlets that buy back used […]

Sometimes it causes dizziness, sometimes a blurred vision and sometimes a continuous throbbing. This is the complex world of a headache. Behind it lies a series of factors that thankfully are often benign. Standing between these and a complete breakdown of coherence is a single tablet of Saridon. Discovered in 1933 by Roche in Switzerland it has […]

Only a handful of brands can claim to have built successful, trustworthy relationships with their customers. Even fewer have consistently dominated in their category. VLCC, over the course of its inspiring 25-year journey, has emerged as one such brand. What started out as a standalone beauty and slimming services centre in New Delhi in 1989 has now […]

The Jaquar group was built on the platform of the highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world-class products. Conceived way back in 1960, the Jaquar Group is an undisputed market leader in the organised bath fittings category. Today, it caters to various socio-economic segments with brands such as Artize in the luxury category, Jaquar […]

HP GAS is the country’s second largest supplier of LPG in India and controls 26.82% of the total market. The brand oversees a network of 3960 distributors, delivering approximately 980,000 cylinders of LPG each day to a client base of almost 47.04 million customers. Impressive figures apart, HP GAS is a completely customer-centric brand. Its communications attempt to […]

The lubes and grease market is a complex amalgam of commercial and passenger vehicles, 2- and 3-wheelers, agricultural equipment, stationary engines and industries that range from steel and cement to textiles, automobiles and glass. In this market of opportunity, several brands elbow for space. But with one of Asia’s finest research and development facilities supporting it, SERVO comes […]

Part of the C25,000 crore Avantha group, BILT is India’s and Malaysia’s largest manufacturer of paper. It is the only Indian company to rank amongst the top 100 paper companies in the world. Its parent is involved with power transmission and distribution equipment and services, food processing, farm forestry, chemicals, infrastructure, information technology and IT-enabled services. In close […]

30 years ago the Basmati rice industry was an unorganised conglomeration of kirana shops. Then came along Kohinoor– the brand that changed the way this business was run. It introduced consumer-friendly packs, automatic packaging and sorting machines and several industry-changing strategies. Today, Kohinoor is part of the US$ 4.20 billion McCormick Inc. of the US – a […]

Monte Carlo entered the organised ready-to-wear business in India at a time when the unorganised segment ruled supreme. 30 years after it launched the brand, Monte Carlo is a powerful name in the fashion garments industry. It straddles the ready-to-wear market with a range of year-long clothing for the young, fashion-conscious adult. In its studios are tomorrow’s garments […]